How to pick a great domain name

Twelve years ago when I was first picking domain names, the difficulty was finding a domain that was going to have a big presence. Now that is still a challenge, but finding one with a presence as well as being relatively short, full of keywords and easy to read is much more difficult. The main reason it’s so difficult now is rather obvious – so many more domain names are taken than they were 12 years ago.

Additionally, search engines have come a long way. A top player emerged, knocked off competitors who were around much longer, and firmly established itself in the industry: Google. One current key SEO tactic is to make sure your domain name has key terms people are searching for.

There are services you can hire to help you determine this. However, this is Spring 2009 and most businesses are not overflowing with cash to spend.

I found a free way to pick a domain that is full of they keywords you need:
SEO Gems: How to pick a great Domain name

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