The making of the Stevens Pass anniversary logo, and its hidden memorial

stevens-pass-75-years Near the end of my 11th season designing for Stevens Pass, it came time to design a logo, badge, emblem… that encompassed the resort’s 75th anniversary. Little did we know how much life would change by the time it was done. The project ended up being one of the most emotional designs I’ve worked on, and one that ultimately ended in me taking creative work from someone else and not telling anyone.

Although this project had more iterations than most projects – including eight major redesigns – that’s not what set this apart. It wasn’t that this was a big anniversary, or that there were a lot of thoughts on what it should be. Those were all factors, but not the major hurdle. The challenge came as we lost the Ambassador of All Things Rad – Chris Rudolph. He was the effervescent 30-year-old marketing director for Stevens Pass.

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Jack Nichols Photography

I obviously don’t read my own blog that often. For a while I was lucky if I posted once a month. Some categories have clearly seen more posts. Clicking through the navigation, I realized this People section hasn’t seen a new post in eight years. I put this here to showcase cool things from people I know. Give me a little slack, Facebook did take off after I started this…

Anyway, because it’s his birthday and he recently setup a Facebook Page, I wanted to showcase Jack Nichols Photography. I do have some friends that are full time photographers. They do amazing work. Jack is a software engineer, and I always think it’s cool when very technically minded people create great visual work – be it video, painting or photography. Here’s some samples.



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