Find what’s taking up space on your Mac hard drive – Disk Inventory X

I’ve got several more polished posts that I’m finishing up on. But not all my entries have to be perfect and completely unique, right?

So here’s one for Mac users who want to figure out what’s taking up space on their hard drive. Recently I installed a couple more gigs of RAM in my MacBook Pro, and I notice my free HD space got even smaller. Unbeknownst to me, a couple years ago Apple introduced a new feature for portables called “Safe Sleep“… but I didn’t know that until I scoured my HD and found a file named “sleepimage” that was taking up 4GB of space.

There are several apps out there to help you locate files based on size. I often do a search for files greater than, for example, 1GB to see what’s taking up space. GrandPerspective is one app that helps you visually see what’s taking up space regardless if Spotlight has indexed the data or not.

Disk Inventory X is another app, but it also lets you see the directory flow in a pane to the side of the block diagram.

Drive Inventory X

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