Choosing truth over freedom: “I mean, a man has to stand for something”

Last Sunday the CBS show 60 Minutes ran a story about Texas inmates being released after DNA tests1. One of the stories was quite amazing. A gentleman by the name of James Woodard spent 27 years in prison before a DNA test proved he was not guilty.

That’s not the amazing part. What truly makes Mr. Woodard stand out as a man of integrity, is the fact that he chose not to lie to the parole board even though doing so would have had him released much sooner. Here’s some of the story:

When he went in, Woodard had just turned 28; he is 55 years old now.
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iTunes Movie Rentals – Take 1

Last week Apple, Inc announced US consumers could now rent movies from the iTunes Store. Although Steve Jobs primarily focused on the AppleTV method of renting movies, one can also rent movies through iTunes and view on a computer or iPod.

There are a load of Cans and Cannots–which Engadget has concisely charted1. For instance, one cannot rent HD movies via iTunes.

Not having an HDTV, that’s not much of an issue to me. Overall my experience was fair and while I will likely rent movies from it again, there is much room for improvement.
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  1. iTunes and Apple TV rentals and purchases: what you can (and can’t) do []


“Starting out with print design in 1996, Forrest has worked his way across most every aspect of the print and web mediums. Having worked from scrubbing print plates to streaming audio/video server administration and from drawing with conte crayons to working with the latest in digital rights management, Forrest has always seen that to be the best in one area, he needed to know the aspects of all the surrounding areas.”

After all these years, I’ve finally decided to make some of my thoughts, perspectives, research…a little more public. Many requests have been made asking that I post my research, for example, for more to see. It often ends up on forums across the web. However, since I know not many will see it, I don’t put a strong effort into it.

With my “blog,” that changes.
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